LO Not sleeping well overnight

Our 12 week old baby will only go down for max 2 hour stretches at night, often only 1 hour. He’s breastfed and has one formula bottle before bed which used to send him down for a good stretch, but that’s stopped working. I know they say to ‘put baby down whilst they’re still awake’, but every time we try this he cries, and I know you’re told not to leave them to cry it out, so what should we do? 🤦‍♀️ Really craving a sleep longer than 2 hours…!
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There must be a sleep regression around 12 weeks because my son used to sleep through the night and for the past 5 nights he keeps waking up twice

Sounds like a regression? We hit 14 weeks and then started laying her down whilst she was mainly asleep and then just held her hand or put my hand on her chest and she would just drift off (would take 30 mins to fully drift). She would then start playing with her hands and sucking her hands to go to sleep and I'm pretty sure she does this through the night to self soothe and we're now getting 9+ hours!xxx

I totally feel you. Our boy is 12 weeks too and we doing so well with 7/8 hour stretches but this had stopped and he's going 4 hours at the beginning of the night then up pretty much every hour since 11 weeks! Not sure but maybe it's the 11 week leap they're going through? I'm so worried he won't sleep like he did again 😞 Hoping sleep improves for you soon xx

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