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I’m really confused by the formula feeding guidance. In some places it seems to say that it’s fine to prepare formula bottles and keep them in the fridge for 24 hours and other places seem to say they must always be freshly prepared. For those of you who formula feed, what do you do? Do you always prepare fresh? This does not seem sustainable..especially at night!
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Everyone says different unfortunately My eldest is 15 and it was apparently fine back then and the midwife told me it's not okay now but then the health visitor said its fine. My eldest is 15 and my second one is just 7 weeks. Big age gap and apparently so much has changed but then we get told different things by different people. I also was told 15 years ago that my daughter was obviously still hungry so when she was my little ones age she was on 5oz bottles but apparently now I'm over feeding my little one 🤦🏼‍♀️

I premake them, it's so much easier to grab a bottle out of the fridge than it is to try and make a bottle one handed if my little one won't be put down. It's a plus that he will drink the milk cold as well, or I'll take it out of the fridge a little bit before he is due a feed to take the edge off.

I make a couple at the time and keep them in the fridge. The NHS recommend making fresh, but say cooling and keeping them at the back of the fridge for max 24 hours is the next best option if you can't make them fresh. I 'can't' for my sanity! My baby is not patient at all when he's hungry so I like to have them ready!

I make all mine in advance as my little man has to have colief drops in his and I’m not waiting half hour after making every bottle. I warm it up using a bottle warmer, perfect temperature and don’t have to wait too long!

I prepare some in advance, cool then pop in the fridge. Did the same with my older 2 and never had any problems 🤷

I prepare mine in advance and they are fine

I prepare fresh everytime, but I use a prep machine which is a life saver! Or I use fresh boiled water kept in bottles in thermal bags when out and about x

I prepare fresh every time but store boiled water in a flask ready for the next feed so he's not waiting half an hour for the kettle to cool. He doesn't wake up at night any more but for the first morning feed I use a Nuby rapid cool to make his milk quicker x

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