Gestational diabetes

Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, has anybody had a similar diagnosis and can talk me through what that means for me and baby. I know I have growth scans booked in now, what else does it mean? Any help is appreciated I know literally nothing and the NHS website isn't overly helpful
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@Katie did your son have to be heel pricked every 2 hours to test his blood sugars? I’m really worried about this🥲

Do you know what your levels are? I ended up having a planned C-section as I didn't want to get induced and have back issues (really glad I had a section)x

I was planned for 38 weeks due to the GD, although she ended up coming at 32+1

If your getting extra attention take it. Growth scans will help. Are you on any medication for the diabetes? If not it’s probably more of a precautionary measure

@Katie I'm 32+4. I will be getting a c section anyway just wondering if it'll be even earlier than the 39 weeks that we're currently planning. Glad it may mean I'll be first on the list for c section! Everything is so in the air at the moment they may want to deliver me at Cambridge but won't know until 36 weeks so everything is yet to be decided and now this extra risk is making me more anxious

I had it, depending on levels you may get induced a bit earlier and will prob had weekly blood tests to monitor.My baby was a healthy weight x

How far along are you? I had a borderline diagnosis at 35 weeks and was already booked in for a c section at 39 weeks. Had one extra growth scan and all fine Just had to take my bloods and track in an ap for the rest of pregnancy and needed no drugs Only thing was it meant I was first on the list for c section on the morning booked in. Baby and I all fine and he’s 8 months now xxx

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