Feeling low

Anyone else yet to have their november babies? Im even seeing beautiful December babies being born and it's making me feel so low. I'm snappy, and just not feeling myself. I've spent the last 2 weeks on and off pains and nothing ever comes, I'm so big, so uncomfortable and so tired! I honestly feel like I am never going to have my baby!
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Same !!

I'm 40 weeks on Monday and absolutely losing my mind here, I'm fed up of being uncomfortable - also terrified at the idea of going into labour, can't quite win! 🤣

Am 41 weeks tomorrow, starting to think we will have a December baby 😅

Same, same, same. I know they'll come when they're ready but it doesn't make it any less frustrating does it. Try and keep positive, we need as much oxytocin in our bodies to naturally go into labour! Do something that makes you feel good and try to have something small to look forward to each day.. xx

I can relate! I’m 40 + 5 now and zero signs of baby…it’s also my 5th week off work so I feel like I’m losing my sanity/wasting my maternity leave 😭😭😭 hopefully our babies won’t keep us waiting much longer 😤 sending lots of love mama xx

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