I’ve been back & forth with my GP for about 3 weeks now due to have white patches in my mouth, they have prescribed me Nystatin to take and GP & Pharmacy have confirmed that it’s fine to swallow but I’m a nervous wreck & worried that it’s going to affect the baby has anyone had to take this before during pregnancy and all been okay? x
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@Nicola thank you lovely, I was just so nervous about swallowing it x

@Santa thank you lovely I’ve just got such a mix of emotions at the minute with pregnancy & now this I’m just totally drained thank you! xx

Nystatin is what was prescribed for my son when he has a newborn and we had suspected thrush. It’s meant to be a very low risk medication.

Try to keep calm as much as you can. Stress can do more harm then sometimes other things 🥰

@Santa thank you that’s what I’ve been searching I think I’m just so scared that something goes wrong😂 my health anxiety is another level x

Google says it's fine to use 🥰

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