Baby college👩‍🏫

I was just wondering if anyone has gone to the baby College in Wolverton and how was it? ❤️ Also how do I get in there, is it through the community centre doors where the ramp for tescos is😂😂I’m lost
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@Tori yeah the loading bay doors, they will be open. Kate parks her car outside it. I'm not sure about the inside bit, although I know there is a door there but we've always been told to go in the red doors and have only ever gone in through those doors. Last time I went was a month ago, so unless it changed or you can access it that way, I'm not sure. You can always drop her a message on Facebook to double check xx

@Kate hi okay thank you and the double red doors are the loading bay, I was told the doors inside where the ramp is, is where you go in x

Hey we have been going since my eldest was 4 months old. (She's 5 years old now and goes to school) but we've taken my youngest a few time too The entrance is down the road as if you were driving into lidls You'll see two big double red doors that you will enter through! Kate is lovely, you'll have an amazing time 🥰

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