Baby’s heartbeat💙

My sister is a midwife and used her Doppler today to listen in to baby at 16+2 weeks. It was so lovely to hear and reassuring to know that he is wriggling away in there🥰
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@Sophie The weirdest part was hearing it go from really fast and soft at 10 weeks and then at 13 hearing how it had slowed down a fraction and there was a little clicking noise each time! She's excited to do 14 weeks tomorrow 😂

@anon it’s amazing, isn’t it?! I can’t wait to hear it get stronger and stronger🥰

My friend is a midwife! She tried from 7 weeks to find a heartbeat and managed to find it at 10 weeks. Been incredible hearing the difference in volume, heart rate and just the sound in general for the past 3 weeks

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