Has anyone had an ECV or successful breech birth?

My consultant is trying to convince me to do this but I'm not convinced and think I'd rather a C Section.
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I had a successful ECV, the success of dependent on exactly what position baby is in when you have it, footling breach are less successful. I ended up needing a c section after 26 hours of labour.

ECV overall is a 50% success rate. however if you put in the work beforehand you can increase the success rate. i saw an osteopath, did lots of moxibustion before the ECV. it was slightly uncomfortable but not painful and literally turned in under a minute. i ended up with an emergency c-section after spontaneous labour (i had an infection so baby wasn’t coping with contractions) and 100% would never want a c-section again and would go for the ECV any day. i hate how people speak of ECV so negatively when they haven’t even experienced it. or when they didn’t do anything to increase the success rate. there’s most likely a reason babies are breech and if you don’t fix the problem beforehand the ECV is not likely to work. besides from babies being breech because of a cord around their neck then that position is just safest for them.

@Sarah thanks that's good to know that it may not be as scary as I imagine

Following this thread if that’s ok☺️xxx

I had an ECV with my first and it was successful. I think my baby was in a good position to start with, so they said it was straight forward. It didn’t take long and wasn’t painful, just a lot of pressure as the consultant moves the baby. I was given gas and air, if needed.

I’m in this boat right now, I’m 36+4 and baby boy is breech. (Please bear in mind you’ve got lots of time for baby to turn!). I’m provisionally booked in for an ECV this Friday at 37 weeks but it’s quite likely they won’t be able to perform it anyway as baby has been in ‘footling’ presentation with feet below his bum low in my pelvis for quite some time. I really don’t want the ECV in all honesty the thought makes me anxious and it’s only a 50/50 chance of even working, but I’m going to see what they say when they scan me on Friday and then make my decision. It’s likely I’ll end up with a planned c-section (not what I wanted at all, I wanted a natural water birth so bad! 🥹) but of course I’ll do whatever is best to get baby here safe and healthy xx

We went to have an ECV but baby had cord slightly wrapped around neck and so made the already small chances of it working even smaller. So we ended up with the elective c section- which was SUCH a positive calm experience. A c section was the last thing I wanted and now I can’t stop raving about how wonderful it was 💕

No personal experience but I read somewhere ECVs are very uncomfortable and have a low success risk then baby can always turn back. I'd have a section too personally x

I had breech baby, but he was only 1lb 5oz so I’m guessing this makes a massive difference. I’d probably go for c-section! X

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