Mums who have had previous pregnancies

I’m wondering if anyone who has previously gone through labour before can explain what it feels like before you actually go into labour whether it’s a few days before or say 24 hours before. I’ve been getting constant low back pain and period cramps for days now however it’s different today. The pain has eased off since yesterday but now I’m getting more like radiating pains (quite mild) in my back going round into my sides. Is this likely to develop into contractions?
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Mine lasted 24 hours it was a slow gradual build up of contractions

All are different but a few days before I had really odd pain in my lower back on my actual due date I had the sweep to which I was already 1/2cm dilated, when I got home some of my mucus plug came away and some stomach cramping on and off most of that evening but not enough for me to think It was time I went to bed, couldn’t get comfortable and still felt mild cramping 11.30pm that night my waters broke to which my contractions felt stronger and quicker I used the contractions app to which told me it was time to head to hospital Called the hospital they said to come in I arrived they checked me I was 5cm By 4.51am my son was born I had an feeling a few days before with how uncomfortable I felt a few days before But I stayed active, used the ball and raspberry leaf tea before hand

I lost my mucus plug 2 weeks before my first arrived. A few days before had loose stools. Then Woke up at 3am to my waters going. Then contractions started about 9am and gradually increased. But had a long 30hr labour from then. Like Billie said. Each is different. I keep thinking I am in labour with this one and then it subsides. Haven't noticeably lost my plug. Just lots of braxton hicks.....

With my first my waters broke all over my bathroom floor in the middle of the night and didn’t get contractions until probably lunch time the next day.. very very slow and wasn’t painful to begin with then hyped up the following evening. Feels like seriously intense period pains. I had no sort of build up or signs that any of this was going to happen by the way. Caught me by surprise!

All my labours were entirely different I genuinely couldn't tell you what to expect... I couldn't have even guaranteed I was in labour 🤣 First, I lost my plug a month before and kept losing little bits after (it can regenerate). Couldn't feel contractions till 8cm - not a normal reaction... Suffered with a lot of dizziness. Had loose bowels off and on for a while.. Second, I was highly emotional. I was induced over reduced movements in the end, though. 43 mins start to finish... I was told I wasn't ready to labour and wouldn't for days... Suffered with dizziness. Had loose bowels off and on for a while.. Third, a month of stop start labour. I baffled the hospital, they had no idea how he didn't come sooner... in the end, I was so exhausted I asked to be induced. I was tired, barely eating or sleeping cause the stop start contractions... it was fun... This time I swabbed positive for preterm a week and a half ago... no baby yet but so far it's been stop start like my last 😬 x

I had nothing with my first apart from losing mucus plug the day before!

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