2nd birthday party dilemma

I feel like such a bad mum right now. My daughters 2nd birthday party is coming up and the only friends I have with small children already have plans and are unable to attend. The only people going to be attending are all either family or over the age of 16 and I feel as though by not having enough friends who are parents I am letting her down and I'm not sure what to do. Should I cancel the party or just go ahead with her being the only child? Any advice would be extremely appreciated.
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Don’t cancel, with her being the only child, she gets all the attentions she disertes on her big day

Don’t cancel she will feel special

You can definitely still have the party because, like Luna said, she will get all the attention! But if you feel strongly about the friend thing you reschedule for next week another suggestion would be you can do so many other things like take her to a play place for her age range & buy a cake and take cute photos of her smashing it up lol you can use tiktok for inspiration too because I've seen a few toddlers who have birthdays at the beginning of January and they looked soooo happy and it was just them and their mom

Omg don't cancel it. I just had my sons 2nd birthday and 10 people didn't come 😒 only my best friend that has a little girl. So it was her and just all family and I did feel bad at first but he ended up having the best time with family and his cousins. We set the pool up, lots of party food and a beautiful cake. Honestly it will be fine, we are just lucky they are still at a age where they don't understand 🥰

Thank you everyone for the responses! That makes me feel so much better about the situation. I will be going ahead with the birthday ❤️

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