Chipped tooth

Hi mummas! My almost 2 year old has had quite a few accidents lately being an active toddler and all… and I just noticed a chipped tooth !! It’s really tiny but still present! I am so mad at myself but it was out of my control, my little one fell off the couch last week and another time walked into the stool. Do i need to take my toddler to a dentist even though it’s a tiny chip? Are chipped teeth common in toddlers? I’m so upset this has happened.
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It wouldn’t hurt to take him to a dentist, they should start getting into the routine of seeing a dentist anyways. I would just make that regular appointment and then ask while you’re there.

My toddler would absolutely hate the visit to the dentist! We go to a dr appt. For myself and there’s heaps of tears

@Marylin the first appointments aren’t like our appointments. It’s getting them used to a dentist environment, it’s important to take them to someone that specializes in young kids. They should honestly start going around when they get teeth, so I’m behind as well but our first appointment is coming. We would’ve already had it but we had extreme power outages here in December.

We had a chipped tooth at around 15 months… We took him to a pediatric dentist who said it was the right thing to do in case the chip was serious enough to warrant intervention (it wasn’t) We brush at home so I’m not worried about the chipped tooth getting a cavity or anything but I wouldn’t have known not to worry without the doc taking a look. He’s going back for his first “official” visit in March. They told us they do start with cleanings in their second year which sounds cuckoo but we’ll see how this next appointment goes and how cooperative little dude wants to be.

Mt son had his first appointment just to check up when he was about 18 months. He was a nightmare when the dentist looked in his mouth (she said that's normal) but when the toothbrush came out he loved it. He loves brushing his teeth anyway though

No chipped teeth for little guy but we’ve had a fat lip recently freaked me out . It was first time bleeding :( he’s also hit the coffee table a couple time which left some terrible bruises. I feel your pain it kills me to see my guy get hurt . I would definitely make me a dentist apt . Honestly this kind of reminded me it’s time for my sweetheart to start seeing the dentist

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