Hi all. I’m 20 weeks today and since yesterday have been getting a really heavy pressure sensation around my bladder/uterus area. It’s especially noticeable when I’m getting up or sitting down. I know some of these feelings could be normal but as it’s been pretty constant since about Kody yesterday, i was starting to get a bit concerned. I am due to have my 20 weeks scan tomorrow and even though it’s just round the corner, I’m still worried. For reference I have a cervical cerclage which was placed 3 weeks ago.
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I’ve had this, it could be your placenta is at the back so your feeling every movement, that’s what I go told at my 20 week scan x

My placenta is sitting really low or was when I had my 20 week scan and I was feeling the same, I think it’s because every time baby moved it pushes placenta into/near to my cervix. It’s eased up since so I’m praying it’s my placenta moving as it’s been a concern but that’s what I believe it is

@Sophie MAITLAND last time I had a scan, a couple of weeks ago, I had an anterior placenta… but this could have changed!! Thank you x

@Chloe ahh maybe I’ll find out more at my scan tomorrow. Glad it’s eased up for you though! And fingers crossed it will stay that way. It’s all so scary! Hard to know what’s normal and what’s not x

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