Well we are having a baby!

This is my first pregnancy. My husband and I just just found out this morning with this test. Now what!!!? Called the doctor already. Can I exercise? I feel so lost!!
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Yay Congratulations ! 💕

Why do you feel lost ? Thats so exciting !!!

Congrats! You can exercise as long as it isn’t too extenuating, until you’ve done your toxoplasmosis bloodwork stay away from raw foods, obviously alcohol, and lots of rest 🤗 if you feel nauseous eat crackers or dry bread, it really helps.

Wooooooo hoooo! Congratulations! Any medical advice speak to the doctor. I was told if you’ve already been running or exercising then you can continue to do so (light) but if not don’t start anything. BUT don’t forget that any risk is a risk. So for now, just think about staying calm and speaking with your doctor when you get an appointment. Good luck 🤞

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