Body image after birth

I was a size 12 (uk) before birth and put on quite a bit of weight during pregnancy. My question is , should my body return to ‘normal ‘? My baby is almost 2 months old and whilst I know I need to take into account that I’ve literally just birthed a human , I am struggling with fitting into my old clothes and I really don’t want to admit I am just a bigger person now. I am 32, luckily have no stretch marks but I’m just left with this pooch of fat at the front and muffin tops. I find myself Breathing in to feel confident because I’m conscious of my stomach looking podgey now ! I would say I am a big size 14 now because my old clothes are extremely tight ! Anybody got any tips of how to style clothes to make you feel more comfortable/confident with an altered shape ?
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I would really recommend buying some new clothes to fit your new body. As you say you’ve done an incredible thing of growing and birthing a whole human who is now super dependent on you. If you’re breastfeeding you’re unlikely to drop all the weight gained (I’m the exact same) and we store some fat in order to feed our babies. Even if formula feeding your body just needs to focus on keeping healthy right now rather than loosing the weight. Vinted is great for cheap second hand stuff or just a trip to the shops to grab some basics will make you feel better I’m sure!

Clothes are there to fit you. Buy new clothes. Put old ones under the bed or out of sight for now and try not to dwell on them. This is you at this moment, not you forever. This is your time to rest and be in your bubble of love with your LO. Give that your energy instead because it deserves it and you deserve it.

If you’re looking for styles that work to cover the parts you feel insecure about peplum tops do a good job of that. And high waisted jeans. Not sure if that would be the kind of thing you usually wear.

I just bought some new bits off Vinted and primark so I felt better as I had clothes to fit and look nice in. I’m 5 months PP now and some of my old clothes are fitting better. I’ve not done any workouts etc other than walking so I’m sure you’ll see changes soon too! X

I bought new clothes and stored the old ones away where I can’t see them.

@JOE thank you ! Can I just say , your hair colour is beautiful!😍

Aww thank you x

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