Hey ladies, anyone else around 22/23 mark? i’ve been feeling movement properly from about 18 weeks but now it’s not as active anymore- I still feel them it’s just not as forceful anymore… Also I’ve stsrted to be sick again like not eating much because makes me heave or throw up 🥲i havent had sickness since 10 weeks
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It might be worth telling your midwife for reassurance ? That's what mine said to do to be on cautious side. I hope sickness goes and you feel better

Yeah I agree, I'd let your midwife know

i'm 24 weeks today and havent really had the movement thing though i was still having some quieter days then, but my sickness also came back around that point. not as bad as it was until 15 weeks, but i was sick a few times - i posted about it on here and seemed like loads of people were in the same boat xx

@Keisha Oh okay thank you, my midwife said just take some paracetamol and wait if it’s past 24 weeks then lack of movement is then concern x

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