Are Pp irregular periods normal?

I am 11 months pp and my period started when I was 4 months pp. From then I have got period on my 27th , 29th , 30th day . Now it's been 32 days and still no period. The pregnancy strip showed negative too . Is this normal ? My period was regular before pregnancy
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This is exactly what happened to me this past cycle! They just kept coming later and later. I just got my period 12 days late with a 40 day cycle . I’m guessing since I’m not fully a year post partum they could still be irregular

Did u chk with obgyn ?

No I haven’t it would be best to

For me it was more like 26 , 30 , 29 , 30 , 27 etc

Same here. Mine came back and was normal. The past two months I’ve only had spotting. It was on time but it wasn’t a regular period.

@Juju checker with obgyn ?

@Vinitha yes I’m actually going next week

Yes mine was like that too, but mine were lasting longer than normal - light menstrual cycle for almost 4 to 5 weeks long or sometimes longer. Definitely recommend following up with your OB to make sure it’s not a hormone shift or your birth control making issues worse. My ob gyn checked me up and down for ever thing and the only thing they could think of that changed my period was the implant so they had to remove my nexplanon implant and I’m still having some issues with irregular periods and I’m 10 PP

I have not taken any birth control pills.. so not sure why is this happening. I can assume I could be a bit stressed but does it affect the cycle so much ? 😞 Not sure

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