Big Birthers

Has anybody seen the documentary big birthers? It’s shown on channel 5 and Apple TV. I thought it was very dismissive of those with obesity / high bmi numbers. The tone of the show to me was obesity means you will have a huge baby, you won’t be able to give birth naturally or if you do it will take ages and you’ll have to have an emergency c section. Oh with a sprinkle of gestational diabetes. I am pregnant with my second and my first birth was 3 hours with spontaneous labour. With no GD!
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This is what annoys me the most. I have high bmi, and I've had no complications. I don't have GD. This sort of shit scare ladies like us, and they need to stop.

O I'm going to watch it though! So I know how to advocate for myself! When I went for my gd test the midwife was like you're highly likely to have it... she called me 2 days later telling me I had the best results she had seen! Literally makes me so angry! I'm desperate for a water birth, I can lift more than my body weight my husband can lift double so I'm hoping that they won't say anything about that!

It annoys me too. I was under consultant care from day one because of my BMI and they were convinced I would have GD, to the point where I had to have 3 tests AND do finger pricking for a month and it never came back as GD. It felt like they just assumed I would develop it because I had a high BMI. In the end I did develop pre-eclampsia at 38 weeks and had an emergency section, however I had no symptoms of that at all until that point!

@Amy when I wanted to have a water birth with my first baby they refused me because of my bmi. I hope you get the birth you want and deserve!!!

Yea I watched it, the tone of it was awful. Almost felt like it was blaming those women for any issues they potentially had. It really frustrated me.

Unfortunately I was treated like this my whole pregnancy. I was treated as if I was going to have a big baby in fact I was told I was going to have a big baby because of my bmi which certainly was not the case at all (I’m UK size 16-18)🙄 I kept getting told I was gonna have this wrong with me and that wrong with me because of my bmi but I ended up having a very healthy non complicated pregnancy and birth. It’s horrible how they can justify treating plus size women like this, you have to be literally skin & bone to fit in anywhere. Certainly put me off having anymore kids just from the lack of respect I had! xx

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