☝🏻THIS is such a good read, mamas 💋

Why Marriage After Kids Is So Hard ‘Every child knows the difference b/w you coming to hug them and you coming to take a hug from them’
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This is good! I get so wrapped up with cleaning the home, my son, work etc that I’m usually tiered to do anything for me or for my fiancé and it definitely has put us on the back burner. It was good to see what I’m thinking with tips on paper, or screen I should say. Thanks for the share.

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Thanks for posting!!

I loved it. Thanks for sharing. Some of the points are things that i been thinking but couldn’t get perfectly right. This just did ir for me

Love! Thanks for sharing!

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Great article and I totally agree with fuck date night at first, I was honestly so exhausted that I was horrible company for my partner

This all sounds great but I have no family who are willing to have the kids and I can't afford to pay someone 😅

Thanks for sharing! Such a good read!

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