Has anyone actually had any luck with SMEP? Online it says to start BD on cycle day 8 but we didn’t do it last night so now I’m on cycle day 9. Do I do it tonight then cycle day 11?
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I fell pregnant the second month using this method (resulted in MC) so I’m back trying. Don’t worry. I would do it tonight and tomorrow to then get back into the rhythm of the right days!! Good luck 🥰

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Good luck to you also 🥰

Sorry to hear that! I will try that 😁 thank you! X

Sorry I am late to the party. If you miss a day, as stated above, just start the next and continue the pattern from that day. Part of the every other day is just to avoid over exhaustion/feeling like every night is "make a baby" night to the point where the rest of the month you're not having sex. It tends to make the men folk feel like you're only being intimate for an end goal instead of also enjoying it.

Also, just wanted to say, my semi SMEP baby (we were doing OPK and SMEP, and I needed a break, we got pregnant on the cycle I took a "break" on) is named Sophie!

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