4 months ago

Prepare for Daycare separation

Hi everyone. I would really appreciate if u guys can help me overcome my separation anxiety from the baby as m considering to put her to day care. Also is there a right age. M overthinking and having wierd thots of how she will eat or nap. Feeling weak here. Thanks
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last month

It's very hard, i understand completely:) there isn't any right age, we sent ours when he was 17 months, he was just starting to walk. At the beginning it was very difficult for both of us :), but he got used to it very quick. It helped me thinking that the nursery is such a good environment for their social and health grow (they will bring home all viruses, but that's good for them). Just know it will get much better as you see him being happy there

3 months ago

They eat better at daycare then at home because they see other kids their age doing it as well… as for napping… the daycare will help your little one nap using all the techniques at their disposal

3 months ago

Daycare is excellent for social development and since I start putting mine in once a week… he’s a lot nicer to me… accepts bum changes better for example… The worst part is drop off… make it as swift as possible… don’t hang around… get someone to hold her so you can leave… say goodbye ONCE and keep going… that part is hard on both parties but gets better every week 🤗

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