Bad blowouts?

We’re in the process of trying any and all diaper brands to keep bubs poop contained. Every time he poops he’s got a blow out (his diapers aren’t to small I’ve checked) and I’m flying through stain removal spray and outfits. Is anyone else experiencing this and struggling? Any suggestions for diapers is welcomed too
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It helps if you make sure the diaper flaps are outward instead of tucked in around their thighs. We use the Costco brand. Have only had 1 blowout

We use pampers swaddlers. They have a little pocket to help with blowouts them make sure the ruffles on the thighs are out. Also every brand fits different so even if they are in the correct size for his weight he may need to size up. Like out at my parents we use luvs right now and the size 2s are still decent but in the pampers baby dry and swaddlers they are starting to get a little too snug.

I use Huggies snugglers. I’ve noticed when I size up I have less blowouts. Even if he met the weight recommendations.

We use Nest Diapers and they’ve held up to the mega morning blowouts lol I honestly think our issues are : Does the diaper fit around his thunder thighs securely? And if yes, what position is he in when said pooplosion 💣 💥 occurs? If he’s laying on his side nursing, if it’s big enough, it almost always leaks out. If he’s on his back or being held normally, we are usually fine with Nest. Praying for you 💩

I had to size up before she was right in the weight and size department, I wanted to save my stain spray more than be “right” on the diaper weight. She went up from newborn to size one like at 8 lbs cajse she kept having blow outs, I just had ti cross the Velcro for a little bit

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