How quick did you recover after delivery?

I have had severe spd since 10 weeks and have basically been house bound the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. I have a c section on weds and am nervous about dealing with both spd and section recovery together. Obviously the spd will start getting better without the weight of baby but I also knows it takes about 6 weeks for relaxin hormone levels to settle. For those who had severe spd and a c section, how was your recovery? How did you find those initial few days?
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I had severe PGP for my entire pregnancy and needed crutches. I had a home birth and 6m PP I can still feel it a little. Mostly after some light exercise and more like an ache in my SP but still there. Though I can walk and actually lift my legs, cross them and exercise now haha! I was walking and playing with my toddler at 2 days PP so it was WAY better after birth. The thing that lasted the longest was pain in my coccyx which must have been from my labour. That took ages, felt like I'd broken it!

Severe SPD from about 14 weeks - almost immediate relief after my c-section. I was moving my legs in ways I'd not been able to in months, and without even realising it. At one point I just stared at my husband and said "I'm crossing my legs!" I rested in bed pretty solidly for about 48hr after, then started to mobilise because it was such a novelty. I hope you experience the same, or similar, relief x

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