My baby is 6 months. She seems like she wants to crawl. Anyone’s baby crawling yet? Any exercises to help? She seems so frustrated when she can’t and want to help somehow lol
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My son is 6 1/2 months and not quite crawling but just about there! He rolls everywhere and scooches himself around. Sometimes I set him down on his hands and knees and help support him in that position and he’ll start rocking back and forth

my son army crawls

My baby is 5 1/2 months and working on it. My oldest was 8 months when she finally tried. Best advice I can give is keep encouraging tummy time, but they’re still going to go at their own pace.

Lots of tummy time, and they figure it out! Mine is commando crawling, rocking on hands and knees, planking, and even what I would describe as “piking” sometimes haha. But not quite crawling on hands and knees

Mine turned 6 months last week and is crawling a lot. I didn't do excersizes with her she just really liked being on her tummy and getting on her hands and knees and moving back and forth.

my kinda crawls but it’s more of a scoot right now. i just put things she’s interested in a few feet in front of her to encourage her to move towards it. i also roll up a blanket under her belly to help her put more weight on her arms in the crawling position

Following. My lil man is 5 months and definitely frustrated with trying to figure out crawling! I wish I had some tips but I definitely understand wanting to help them somehow lol

My baby is 6 months as well, she’s not crawling but turning her head around to play and If I put something in front of her she tries to reach and when put in walker she’s walking around so fast to reach and grab everything 😂

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