Hello everyone, what does everyone do as a job and how do you plan/look after little ones in school holidays. I’m a chef with 15+ years experience and all I can think of to do is go work in a school Kitchen but the jobs are very hard and sourt after in my area. I have no idea what else I can go and do. And still have the time to look after my little one when she’s not at school. Grandparents not an option as they all still have jobs too.
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I work as a customer liaison administrator, he is at nursery at the minute so no school holidays but next year he goes pre-school. During school time/preschools he would be enrolled in the wraparound scheme During summer holidays - my husband normally has 1 month off so he will be off for 1 month with him. We would have include our holidays away in this also. I will save up my holidays and take however long I can have off with him over different periods - my work is very flexible - he will also be enrolled in a summer activity club so he would start at 8 am and finish at 4:30 pm. My boss would allow me to arrive a little late for work as I start at 8 am anyway and finish at 4 pm. For pre-school, he would be attending the one attached to his nursery and they do a summer school club so he would just go to the nursery as normal during the school holidays when we are both at work xx

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