Peeling skin?!?!

Has anyone else experienced peeling skin on their hands?!?! I'm cd 10 of my second medicated cycle on 5mg per day! And woken up like this!! It feels fucking awful😂😂
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Oh wow I have this on my thumb and didn’t put it together- must be a letrozole thing!!

I was experiencing this as well but it was due to my pregnancy hormones. It’s gone now though

Yes I’ve had this throughout my life, even when being a little girl. It’s when they give me antibiotics or a medication I’m allergic to. For me it’s a sign I’m allergic to that type of medication

It is, I’ve tried to look on the internet but I can’t find an explanation

It's so strange!! I'm only on letrazole and took my last dose on saturday🤔🤔

I have this too but only on my finger tips and it has started the next day of my transfer. I’am on progesterone injection and pessaries and estrogen

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