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So am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my second, she’s only just turned 1 last month… first little one was ivf after trying for 8 years and as you can imagine we was super surprised when I fell pregnant so quickly, anyways am currently back in work and wanted to wait until after my 12 week scan to tell work but I am struggling so much with nausea and bloated belly ( I look about 6 months already) with my first I told work straight away as they knew about the ivf.. am so nervous this time! Any advice welcome please?
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My manager was really good - we had ivf so they were supporting my needing to have time off for the appointments and checks that came with that. When I tentatively told them I was 6/7 weeks along they were supportive. Hopefully you’ll find the same. Good luck!

I have a 10 month old and only return from mat leave tomorrow, and also had fertility treatment to get pregnant and did not anticipate things going so smoothly this time! I told my manager early as I had to prepare for my return and how I would be using my accrued leave. Do you have a good manager? I was nervous as hell, but she knew about how things had been before and was over the moon for us, and just wanted to get into working out how to make sure I used my leave etc. I just ripped off the plaster quite quickly, and kind of spun it a bit to be that I wanted to give them as much planning time as possible, as well as a heads up about potential sickness during the day etc. I think it's a good plan to tell them sooner rather than later - you've got more protections as a pregnant person, but they have to know about it! Good luck ♥️

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