Myo inositol

Hi guys I’ve been recommended to try Myo inositol to help with conceiving as I have pcos. Has anyone tried this? Where did you get yours from ? I’m trying to buy online but I want good high dose one and not sure if the ones I’m finding on Amazon or other sites are legit
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I am taking a supplement called Gametix which contains 4g of Myo-inositol. I can’t say if it works as yet but it has good reviews

I think it did with a combination of things i was ttc for about 2.5 years was on this for about 2 years then put on ovulation medication this February and found out beginning of august that i was pregnant but i went on a diet from the end of may until 10 august when i found out in this time i lost 2 stone but the diet was all to do with the macros and upping my protein i ate a day and i think this helped alot i dont think i was eating the right amount of nutrients my body needed so i think all of it combined contributed x

@Jade did it help ?

I was recommended by my gynae choline inositol and folic acid to help conceive i bought mine from holland and Barrett xx

I have been using Infolic Alpha and I believe it helped me on my TTC journey.

Recommended by people and I’ve read about it on the internet that shows benefits for pcos I’m just not sure which one to buy as there’s millions so thought I’d ask people what one they have used

Recommended by who? A medical professional should be able to recommend or prescribe the correct dose for you

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