Pressured by dr to get on BC

Does anyone else feel very pressured by their dr to get on birth control? Look, I get it. They don’t want you to get pregnant again so soon after having a baby. But I told her I’d prefer to just track my cycle instead of disrupting it with birth control. And she practically rolled her eyes at me. Is there anyone else not planning on going on bc? What did you Dr say?
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@Jaelyn I have the same fear. I want more kids and I dont want bc to negatively affect my fertility

@Danielle they totally do make you feel dumb and pressure you into it even when you tell them how it negatively affects you. I hate that

@Sarah this is crazy! She’s pushing a pill that makes you depressed.

I’ve had family members ask if I’m going to get on birth control!! I mean my OB as well but she’s so super kind and understanding so I just said I wanted to research my options, she’s not pushy at all. But I don’t know what to do because every time I’ve gotten on birth control it’s been a whole mess, crazy breakouts, crazy emotions, the last time I was on birth control I felt so much anger towards my husband, I felt like I could kill him. In all seriousness I have never liked birth control and I plan on just tracking my cycle because I don’t like putting anything in my body that isn’t natural, and something messing with your hormones…isn’t great. I’m also scared that if I were to take a certain birth control I’d have trouble with my fertility as well. My advice, do what you feel is going to be right for you! Don’t like doctors bully you into making a decision. ❤️

I wonder if they get height commissions on the birth control they prescribe

Yes!! I ended up agreeing to get the IUD even after complications trying to get it a few years ago. They want to put it in at my 6 week check up but I really want to back out I just hate the way they make me feel like I’m dumb for not getting on birth control.

I hadn't even given birth yet before the first OB I saw essentially tried to bully me into BC even after I told her it makes me ✨su!c!dal✨

I told them my husband was getting a vasectomy and they shut up real quick and never asked again

Same here, I asked him why. He explained he did not want me to get pregnant again because the body needed to heal and it would be a high risk pregnancy. He said to wait a minimum of 9 months before another pregnancy. Then I told him I would track my cycle. He said if I was breastfeeding my period will most likely not come or be irregular so I could be ovulating at any time regardless of my period. So I told him I would use condoms and he backed said that was ok and backed off.

What?!? So wierd. Im not BC, and they know my reasons why. They need to butt out

Mine has been asking before i had my son if i wanted to be on BC and every time i say no my body doesn't react well to it. I unfortunately get my period for the 3 weeks you shouldn't have it and didn't have it the week i should have. I told them i wasn't willing to deal with that again

Mine keeps telling me how she doesn’t want to see me back due to unplanned pregnancy and that any side effects are worth not getting pregnant. She said this after I told her the pill made me very depressed

Just accept the birth control (if it’s the pill) and just store them away in a cupboard till you’re ready to take them as they do last a while in terms of expiry

I was just very adamant about me decision and anytime the topic came up I just said “this is something I am not interested in” and we moved on

yup. i got back to my room and was bleeding out after my emergency c-section yet someone was already talking to me about BC 🙄

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