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Hi everyone! Wanting to try and get a travel stroller in the black Friday sale. I want one that can be put into an overhead compartment on a plane, good wheels (we live in the country side(ish)), folds down easy and travels well! What's everyone's suggestions??
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@Fatima OK, I'm fuming. I was searching so hard for a parent facing travel pram and this one never popped up?! 😂

I just bought a Recaro Lexa Elite and I absolutely love it so much that my Nuna is just sitting in the hallway gathering dust now. We just flew long haul with TUI and they let us take in into the overhead cabin (get a bag for it separately. It can be both parent and forward facing. One hand fold, shoulder strap, nice compact fold, reclines, good canopy, drives well with 4 wheel suspension, hood small tires, nice buckle and handlebar, absolutely recommend it! I did a lot of research and even bought an a twist and returned it.

Wheels will be a struggle as the travel ones always have small ones. I've just got a cybex eezy twist s+2 for our trip to New York, it does parent and world facing and has larger wheels than most compact prams. Not technically cabin approved but I've had feedback that some people have been allowed to carry on - not guaranteed though! Depends what features you're willing to compromise on.

@Penelope I dont mind little wheels but was hoping for rubber wheels not plastic ones, don't know if that's possible though!

We previously had the zummi but I wouldn’t recommend it

Lejeux stroller looks good

I was going to say Joolz aer but then I read good wheels and that would be a no. I think most of the super compact ones have little wheels!

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