Cradle cap

My 6 month old still has some cradle cap, just wondering if anyone used products to help with it or just let it sort itself out naturally?
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Frida cradle cap set worked soooo well. Gone after one use as she was covered in it.

Second the Frida cradle cap set suggestion

I tried coconut oil on its own but didn't remove it completely. The only thing that has worked for us is the freida baby cradle cap brush, it's £15 annoyingly but worked first time for us X

I got recommended almond oil. Xx

I’ve been putting coconut oil on her but it hasn’t helped so the other day I just started to use baby oil and a cradle cap brush and it’s lifted loads of it xx

I second the coconut oil! We just bought it off the shelf in Waitrose. I would wet his head, then use a silicone brush thing we got from Amazon to rub it in, then wash it off with water. Then wash it with shampoo and rinse. We did this every time we bathed him (every 2-3 days) and it was gone in a week

I used Organic coconut oil cleared up lovely

I'm currently using dentnox cradle cap shampoo and after baths tiny bit of baby oil where the cradle cap is located gentle message it in then go over with a baby brush. Some of it has lifted already. Hope this helps 🤍 xx

Try some olive oil. Massage it in scrub it with brush or comb then rise it out with shampoo

I used nettle soap with my oldest and plan to again. Tried olive oil but the smell was awful x

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