Infant Dyschezia

Does anyone have any tips/advice for infant dyschezia to try and help baby?
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@Alicia no not really. Just tummy massage. He's got another appointment next week. C

Oh that’s brilliant- That makes a lot of sense, actually. Did they show you any movements you can do at home ?

@Alicia successful first osteopath visit. She identified alot of tension in my boys neck, tummy and spine where he was so squished inside me and then a super quick labour hasn't given him chance to stretch. So he's effectively still in the scrunched up position same with his gut. She's done some work today and the difference already is amazing. He's so much more chilled less grunty in day, and he's properly stretched out. It's like he's discovered he's got legs🥰so sweet.

Oh yes sorry, we used an osteopath too

I’ll try that! It’s really been disturbing his sleep (and mine). I did the tummy massage in the bath last night, and we did have a better night- so fingers crossed!!!! What does the osteopath do? Is it different types of massage / exercises?

Exactly the same problem here. My little boy is 5 weeks old. He grunts the min he's led flat to sleep. I'm going to see an osteopath today. I desperately need sleep x

@Alicia similar to me, he was a week early and had no issues, then it started around 2/3 weeks. I know they just seem in so much pain, he wakes himself up during the day really crying trying to strain. We've been using biogaia. Hope it helps you.

My son was 2weeks early- he was fine for the first couple of weeks, and then this started. He just looks so uncomfortable and in pain- it makes me so upset. The health visitor has said he’s not in pain though. I’ve tried the massages & infacol - will try the probiotic - which one did you use?

I haven't got many tips, but going through this too! We are bathing him every night in warm water (not always using product) whilst in the bath I rub his tummy which helps get some farts out. During the day we do lots of the massages and leg movements. I took him to an osteopath which has helped a little, he always poops afterwards. She recommended a probiotic, this has also helped a little too.

Oh I feel for you. My daughter had this constantly for the best part of 12 weeks (she was 2 days preterm and 3 weeks before her due time, which didn’t help). We tried baths, warm flannels on the stomach and tummy massages but I have to say for us it took a while to have an effect so it does make me wonder if it was timing of those things, or her getting older and the benefits that inevitably bought.

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