Birth Control?

I’m was wondering what decisions everyone has made re: birth control post partum? I am not currently on any and we track my cycle / pull out but I’m also terrified I might end up pregnant again with this method 😅 I didn’t want anything hormonal or invasive and feel like we have to go through so much as women with birth control. I asked the DR about male birth control and his only answer was a vasectomy. At the moment we believe we are one and done but that could change in the future and while vasectomies are reversible it doesn’t seem like a procedure to endure twice. So far the only other option is condoms which the gp told me are massively unreliable (felt a bit like he was pill pushing in all honesty! When I asked him what the failure rate difference is between condoms and the pill he skirted around the answer!) Does anyone use the ovulation tracking method with brands like natural cycles? Does it work for you?
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We’re considering just doing the whole pull out method/tracking ovulation etc. mostly because we are hoping to maybe try for our second once baby girl is around 6 months old. But if we felt this was a bit risky, I’d probably have a copper coil inserted again. Honestly, I have 0 complaints about having that at all. I was on the pill before the coil, which was the first suggestion too, but it played havoc with me and made me mentally unstable, so I personally don’t trust hormonal birth control anymore. Definitely have a chat about the copper coil! It’s far more reliable now than it ever has been

Id my daughter just over 2 and a half years ago and we’ve used the pull out method and I’ve tracked my cycle since having her and have managed to avoid falling pregnant though we know we want another so if it happened accidentally no issue, trying for our 2nd in the new year 🤞🤞 xo

I'm looking into phexxi because I'm not menstruating right now since I'm breastfeeding

I opted for the Mirena IUD since it won't pass anything through the breastmilk and is one less thing to remember to take

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