Bye bye Ms Rachel!!🤣🤣🤣 please tell me someone else's 18 month old is obsessed with Danny go? He's a hardcore fan and copies all the dance moves and has learnt his colours, developed loads in his words/speech since watching him. Also, a great way to keep him active, even I have grown to love him and find myself singing his songs throughout the day 🤭 If you have a active baby who loves music I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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Yes 😂 the robot dance, creepy crawl and gingerbread cookie dance are a firm favourite for my little girl!

Awe he's so cute

My 2 year old is obsessed! I sing the songs in my sleep now 😂

Ohh we will have to try this! We’ve just moved to Blippi I’m not a fan

@Amy I thought I was the only one hahah

@sв honestly his songs are very catchy 😂 also great way to interact and dance with LO too!

@Rae 💫🌻 not introduced those yet, my LO is so picky so when he like's something we stick to that 😂

@Maddy Manning yes he is!! His channels DannyGo

@Maddy Manning yes he is Dannygo I believe x

Is danny go on YouTube?

nooo we have "blippi and meekah", or "Brekky brek" and i swear i want to punch her😅😅🫣 x

I'm going to try this my little one.

Hahaha yes my little girl loves too!

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