When can my baby hear me in the womb!

Hi mamas! I am 23 weeks and 4 days currently, I was wondering if anyone knows when their baby can start to hear them in the womb. I hear that talking to your baby is so important and they can react to your voice! When would she be able to hear me? When did your baby react to your voice?
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I'd say start talking to the baby now. I started talking to the baby at 20weeks. Who knows maybe my baby is an early developer😂 at 18 weeks they can hear sounds inside your body. So maybe they can hear you too.

18 weeks they hear sounds in the womb. 26 w around that start hearing ones out side the womb like you voice and music

Join ovia it has all that info each week . Each weeks new milestones

I think they can hear earlier. I flushed the toilet last week and my baby started kicking like it startled him. I’m 24 weeks.

27 to 29 weeks apparently they can hear noises outside including your voice. They can hear your heartbeat and stomach rumbling and stuff like that from about 18 weeks x

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