Does anyone else baby do this

Hi when my baby is shouting,crying or laughing he sucks in like he’s losing his breath but he never does it while eating or playing or having his milk
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Literally something he started doing today!!!

my 8.5 month also does it! i asked my sis in law who is a child’s nurse who said she isn’t concerned, just practicing their vocal chords! as long as his ribs look normal when he breathes (rsv symptom) then i shouldn’t worry! x

He’s got a great breathing technique xx

You’re babies literally emptying his lungs and refilling

Yea sometimes it freaks me out, like today he’s done it loads!! But then he like smiles and laughs, so I think, he must be alright!

@Georgia did it scare you aswell sometimes I get really scared when he does it x

My boy does this too!

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