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Hi I’ve been TTC for a while now, all my blood tests came back normal however my doctor said progesterone should be 30 and mine was 29. He wasn’t worried said it’s normal. He said the consultant probably won’t offer me clomid as it’s normal but I could argue it as it is below 30. Wondering if anyone had a similar situation? I also won’t be offered IVF as my partner has a child from a previous relationship and he said I can also argue this? Thankyou in advance - I’m still getting my head around all of this! 🤯 X
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Hey, I would say with a blood test result of 29, that definitely doesn’t indicate you aren’t ovulating. The cut off is 30 but that’s only a guide as of course individual hormone levels will vary from one person to the next. Clomid induces ovulation, so they would only prescribe it if they’re fairly certain lack of ovulation is the cause of your fertility issues. There are actually risks and side effects with clomid as well, with one being that it can thin the lining of your endometrium so it’s not worth the risk if it isn’t likely to benefit you. Have you tracked your ovulation in other ways such as ovulation strips or BBT? Though those can’t tell you for certain whether you’re ovulating, they give you a good indication. For reference, my day 21 progesterone was 0.14 and ovulation strips confirmed I was never getting a peak, so that led to clomid being prescribed. I’m not sure on the IVF situation, but I’d always heard that if one person in the couple has a child, then the

couple wouldn’t be entitled to funded ivf. It’s probably best to look at your local integrated care board’s guidelines for ivf as they will give you more definite detail x

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