Brown bleeding 5 weeks pregnant

Hi all. I'm 5 + 5 and yesterday I had a small amount of brown discharge. Only when I wiped. Today I've had a bit more and have lower abdo aches which I've had on and off since 3 weeks. I'm so worried 😟 I've read spotting is very common in pregnancy but can't help feel so anxious. This is my second baby and with my first I never had any bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this and was everything ok? Thanks so much in advance ❤
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I'm experiencing the same, I feel I am having a miscarriage :( I never had this with my first, and the cramping and back pain is not normal... I have an appointment later today to find out:( Good luck.

I'm so sorry 😞 let's be positive though, it could all be fine. Do you have a scan today?? Good luck to you too ❤

I had this with both my pregnancies & they are thriving very normal! Especially at this gestational age.

I am 2-4 weeks pregnant (not sure and no idea how this 5+5 or 41+2 thing works) and I have cramping and LA pains plus brown discharge and spotting every few days 🥲 Not sure where to even start

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