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My daughter had a doctors appointment today. The doctor was concerned that she isn't gaining enough weight, she's in the 1st percentile. The doc suggested we continue to do what we've been doing and check back in a month. If her weight goes down or stays so low she Wil refer us to peds and said they may admit my daughter and giving her a feeding tube. That is the worst case scenario, my husband did not like the idea of waiting one more month and wanted to fly out to Toronto to get a second opinion from sick kids hospital. He wanted to fly or drive, it's a 17 hour drive which is brutal with a newborn and a toddler so I looked for some flights. I found and booked the flight we went to the airport and as we are checking in the attendant tells us the flight is booked for apr 12 not today feb 12. I guess when I went onto the airline website they changed the dates and I didn't notice. I fucked up, the tickets were $500 and our booked accommodation was another $500. I apologized for not double checking the date owned up to my mistake and he was just silent didn't say a word. Left me in the airport with two crying babies to go get the car. Didn't say anything the drive back home. After we got home he said I'll be back and left. 2 hours later I messaged him asking where he went and he said 'out' I aksed when he plans to come back and he isn't responding. I know I messed up but fuck. I had a really hard day my toddler skipped a nap and was crying and fussing the whole afternoon I went to the doctor with both kids by myself was so overwhelmed by the news the doctor gave me and my cranky toddler. Than I had to pack the bag book the tickets and accommodations while he did nothing and he has the audacity to react this way. And it's not even the money hed be pissed about since he spends thousands a week on his phone games and the casino. I'm just fuming right now. I can't put my baby to bed since he has the basinet in the car my toddler won't sleep he's asking for daddy and it was a simple mistake.
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So sorry this is happening! How old is your baby? I've had some challenges with feeding since I gave birth and low weight gain with my baby. She is now formula fed and in the 3rd percentile but doing well and meeting all her milestones. I know every baby is different so just wanted to share that some babies are just small. About your husband, has he been really concerned about her weight gain? Sounds like he might have been disappointed but that's no reason to take it out on his family. Hopefully you are able to talk it through together

@Perla she is 3 months old, she refuses to take bottles so we can't supplement. The doctor doesn't think it's a supply issue but maybe a case of thrush that just won't go away. My husband says the doctor is wrong and that she isn't to small, he thinks camadian doctors just have 'obese' weight charts and want everyone to be fat. His mother said a 3 month old should be 4kg our daughter is 4.4kg. Even if he was just worried or disappointed I am too and there's no reason to act like that. He didn't come home until 4am

Does she have symptoms of thrush? I think it can be treated. I think the standard of weight for babies is different around the world so I understand why your husband doesn't agree. I hope you can work it out, this is a time when you need each other as I can imagine it has been stressful.

Also, just wanted to add that your feelings are valid. I would be very upset with my husband if he didn't speak to me and then left for hours.

We came to a pediatrician in Toronto, she didn't think our daughter has thrush, I also didn't think she did since she had no symptoms and she said her weight is on the chart. She's small but she's staying in the 1-3 percentile.

Oh, that's good! How do you feel after getting another opinion?

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