Hole in heart

Today during an ultrasound the doctor noticed a very small hole in my baby’s heart. He said he sees about 40 a month and most close on their own before they are born. He said it’s not life threatening and I have nothing to worry about. He reported that she may have a heart murmur when she grows up but that it shouldn’t affect her. Of course I lost it and spiraled. Has anyone else been through this? What has been your outcome?
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Went in for the anatomy scan and they said the same thing about my baby and they’d monitor to see if it gets bigger or closes on its own. Eventually it closed thank God. But it can definitely be scary to think about.

My sister was had a hole in her heart that closed at birth, she did have a murmur too but nothing happened, she’s now 32 and living her live she did see a cardiologist once a year for check ups but she was perfectly fine

Don’t worry my husband’s uncle was born with it and he’s perfectly fine he’s in his late 60s it’s actually common, but sending you prayers and blessings to you and your family. Put your mind at ease. Everything will be fine.

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