Does anyone else sit and worry if baby is ok in there? Seems like such a long time til the 20 week scan! And still no symptoms/ movements!
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I couldn’t do it without my Doppler. I worry so much so it helps me a lot

I'm thinking that all the time. My 12 week scan is today and I'm so nervous

All the time! It’s a very uneasy feeling consideration I had quite extreme symptoms in first trimester. Now they’ve completely subsided my breast aren’t even sore anymore!

Absolutely! They say it's a mother's job to worry - apparently we've started already! I can't wait until she is out and safe and sound. Or at least until I can feel and monitor movements

Yes! Also now symptoms have gone too. 5 weeks to go until my next scan. Hoping all is well in there...

All my symptoms went apart from aching and then yesterday randomly got hit with sickness again, I couldn’t believe it! I cannot stop worrying, wish there was a portable ultrasound we could buy 😅

Yes! I've got a private scan this weekend and I'm so nervous.

Yes! Especially after having a missed miscarriage last year. It's so hard when there is no way of knowing everything is okay.

Yep everyday! Then my nausea hits and I think “phew ok I’m alright” My scan is tomorrow and I’ve cried today with worry! Third pregnancy after two losses so I think It’s triggering me from previous times.

@Cassandra my midwife recommended against these as it doesn’t actually check if baby is okay - means people don’t always seek medical help when they should xx

All the time.

Absolutely. I had it all the way through until the end with my first and feeling the same with my second. It's our job as mamas to worry. Will you be having a private gender scan? I found having that to break up the time between the 12 an 20 with my first was perfect, and doing the same this time ❤️

@Charlotte I only use it until I feel baby moving consistently. Until then it’s my only way to know they are okay before that. Helped me so much personally because I’ve had 3 losses and I would be calling the office every other day if I didn’t have it because of my anxiety. I can tell if the heartbeat sounds okay and with my daughter I really only used it until around 20 weeks because doctor said I needed to pay attention to movement because that is more important to make sure they aren’t moving less than normal.

I'm worried all the time. My sickness has reduced, breasts aren't sore anymore. I do plan to do a reassurance scan at 16 weeks but waiting till week 20 is too long!

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