Has anyone here had vaginal delivery after cesarean?
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I want to try sooooo bad! But doctors are heavily against it.

I’m going for HBA2C

I haven’t because I probably wouldn’t be successful in it but you definitely can it’s literally a 1 percent chance your inside stitches can come open

I’ve had one baby and it was emergency c section… are you guys gonna try for a VBAC?

Nk but my partners mum did she had three after c section

I had three natural births then my 4th was an Emergency C-section. I am hoping to have a natural birth with this one I did not like the C-section. 😩😩😩

Currently 38 weeks and my OB is letting me try for a VBAC but I was highly discouraged when she checked me and I wasn’t dilated at all but my cervix was soft. Seems like I’m going to have an induction but I didn’t want to go through that again since I feel like the induction was to blame for an umbilical prolapse which caused the emergency csection. This time I’m working with my OB and a midwife so I’m happy that I actually have a team that supports my decision in VBAC.

I just had a VBAC at the end of February! It was amazing. Listen to the VBAC Link podcast and they have a blog as well. Such a great podcast. I posted my VBAC story in the VBAC group on here:)

I had a vaginal birth two years after a cesarean

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