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Hi everyone! I had a growth scan last week (37+3) due to fundal height measuring 35 weeks. Measurements where taken from baby, head circumference is on the 93rd centile and abdominal circumference is on the 80th centile. Baby’s estimated weight at that scan was 7lbs 10oz. I have no further midwife appts and no further scans scheduled. Should I be concerned about these measurements? First time mum and starting to panic about things 😭
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Growth scans are notoriously wrong - they can’t measure properly because baby is so big. I had one with my first and at the scan at around 37 weeks they told me he was 8lb - he was born at 40+3 and weighed 7lb 2oz. Fundal height is also not necessarily a good measure either. I’m measuring way above mine but no concerns. Was it a different midwife who measured you? Or has it been the same all along? Take into account baby’s position etc - I’m not sure exactly the point of fundal height tbh x

@Rachael thank you so much for the reassurance 🩷 I was worried about abdominal circumference being on the 80th centile but they never mentioned testing me for gestational diabetes! I’ve had 3 different midwife’s measure fundal height now, baby is transverse and very over to my right side. I’m booked in for elective c section next week but just starting to panic x

Hey, you should have midwife appointments up until 40 weeks at least?X

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