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Has anyone gone private for fertility care? If so what are the first steps they do? I have health anxiety so very worried. Do they do a full health blood counts, blood pressure etc? Or do they go straight to the hormonal side of things? Thank you
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Hi, I went privately for IVF but that was because I was unable to be funded through the NHS. The first step is to research the care that you need and look at different clinics. You need your find one that will suit you. That you will be comfortable with. With regards to health checks they will probably say on their website what they offer. At my first appointment they did full bloods, height and weight and an ultrasound scan. My partner attended on the same day and did his bloods and a sample analysis too. We then had a follow up appointment with the consultant to discuss the results and then went from there regarding treatment and plans going forward. I hope this helps. The information out these can be overwhelming. Speak to the private care provider that you find and ask them to explain things to you, if you need to. Good luck on your journey x

I did. The first thing I did was get all my initial tests done through the NHS. The GP ordered them. It was a couple of blood tests for me, some STD screenings and a sperm analysis for my husband. The intention was to apply for NHS funding, but we knew we would be refused on account of my age/weight and when we didn’t hear back we went private. It saved us a few hundred pounds in private tests. Once I had the results, I booked a consultation with Care, which was the handiest clinic for us. The proximity of the clinic is important as you will be there A LOT, especially first thing in the morning. Take a look at the HFEA website to find the best one near you. We had a video consultation with our doctor and then the process got started; there were internal scans and weight checks. They might have done some extra bloods too. But it doesn’t all happen at once, it takes a while for it to get off the ground. There’s no need to panic, just take it one step at a time. Xx

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