TMI (Thrush)

Is anyone else struggling with thrush?
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I haven’t this time round but did with my first. Think if you go doctors they can tell you whats safe to help. Xx

@Melanie thank you, It’s killing me🙈 I’ve had about 4 Cold ish baths other the last couple of days x

I got it repeatedly with my daughter. The pessary is usually safe to use (just double check with your midwife). I then took optibac pregnancy prebiotics and that kept it away for the remainder of my pregnancy so worth looking at :)

Yes!! I got it at the start of my pregnancy and had it on and off for two whole months😭 the doctors only gave me cream which did nothing but I used the Canestan pessary which is perfectly safe though I had to do it twice to completely get rid of it. I feel for you so much, it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever!

@Sîan where can I get the Prebiotics please?? x

@Lydia it’s horrible, so uncomfortable and stops you from doing daily activities

@Caitlin I normally buy them on amazon but boots tend to do them to, I'll find you a picture of the ones I mean:)

Thank you all x

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