What does everyone's babies poop look like at the moment.

Random question I know. But baby is now pooping like...adult human poos (but obviously smaller) They are solid and like clay texture and smell like they came from a grown ass man. They eat three times a day and drink formula and water.
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We're not there yet but I've been warned this is the result of weaning!

Yes my daughter is like this at the moment I’m trying to give her more prunes and and water to soften it as she struggling and will strain quite a lot 😩

Exactly the same over here!

Same here!!! And the farts 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

I was warned this may happen too 🤢... Just need to make sure they are getting enough Fibre. Prunes, plums, pears and sweet potatoes are some of the foods that can help with the constipation along with moving their legs as if they are riding a bike

Smell is not quite that bad but definitely worse than before weaning! Ebf. Sometimes hard and formed like you said, sometimes more like peanut butter I guess depending on the amount of fibre in the food that day. Spinach/kale/cavolo Nero puree and prunes are definitely good versus eggs and potatoes.

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