Hi, My little girl is 8 months next week and is doing well in most areas such as sleeps well, eating well, can sit confidently, can crawl and pull herself up. However she hardly babbles… she makes some noises but not proper sounds, she responds to her name and will try to wave when familiar people come in etc but just doesn’t make any proper sounds yet, sounds silly as i know they all do things at diff times etc but im worried! Has anyone else experienced this or the same/similar? TIA x
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She’s doing better than my little boy. He can’t crawl, pull himself up or babble yet and he was 8 months last week so I wouldn’t worry 😊

Mine is the same, she had a moment around 6 months when she was making ba be ma da sounds, but now it feels like she is not interested anymore, she only does it when she’s tired or just had a good feed x

Ok this makes me feel a bit better, i just see other posts etc of babies saying thing etc and think she doesnt say anything! 😩 then you google and it says babbling from 4 or 6 months and i start worrying myself!! …i have a 12 year old too and i dont feel like there was as much around then like “should be doing this by this age, this by this age” so i feel like this time round im constantly reading things that make me worry! X

My LG is exactly same, she makes noises and will occasionally say LaLaLa but that’s it she prefers to growl but I’m not concerned at all

My girl can’t crawl or pull herself up! She’s only just started this week making a da sound. Before that it was screeching etc, I wouldn’t worry!

Oh ok thats good to know, nice to hear others are the same ☺️ definitely reassuring x

My baby occasionally babbles but he literally only just started and he’s 8.5months. I wouldn’t worry mama. Sounds like your LO is doing great!

I think babies work on different things at different times. My little one is 'da da da' all the time but not even interested in crawling or pulling herself up. I guess they can't do everything all at once and they're learning so much in such a short space of time!

My little one is 8 months nect week but nearly 7 months corrected smf is just starting to sit , doesn’t crawl just cries at tummy time and doesn’t babble either , xxx

My daughter is 8 months and isn’t properly babbling yet. She mainly growls, roars, and goes mmmmmmmmmmm 😅

I read online that they focus on a different skill at a time and drop something else, so my LG started moving (body shuffling around) she’s now completed abandoned that snd is soooo chatty. At about 6 months she stopped chatting and all of a sudden wanted to sit all the time! I try and reassure myself that they can only learn so much at one time! X

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