Wow! I’ve been for an early scan today to check all ok as I’ve been having pain, only to see TWO little heartbeats on the screen! Oh my goodness, I keep laughing out loud 🤣 any advice/tips for twin pregnancy and twin babies is very welcome please ladies!
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I’m 16 weeks now with twins...I’ve had a daughter so I’m definitely finding this pregnancy some what different 😂 I just kee thinking it will be worth it, my biggest advice make sure you have snacks and drink at all times x

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Ah amazing! Yes I’m already finding this pregnancy different to my first. So hungry and no sickness which is the total opposite to my first! I think I’m still in shock, when did it sink in for you? 😂


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Thank you!

This happened to me at my early scan 😄💕 congratulations!!

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Amazing! Congratulations lovely ☺️

You’re in for a fun ride! Congrats!!!

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Oh my, I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready 🙈

How many weeks are you?

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Measuring 7+ but will be more accurate at the 12 week scan x

congratulations mama 🎉

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Thanks lovely ☺️

Congratulations! My twins are almost 11 months - it is so special being a twin mama. Any questions then feel free to message and ask. 🥰

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Thank you so much. I just keep saying that. Wow it’s so special! I have so many questions, I think I need to start writing them down. Thank you lovely ☺️

Message me anytime ! I’ll do my best to answer anything. 🥰

This happened to me too! It was a total shock, I couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. We found out around 8 wks and now we’re in the 10th week. Still adjusting but the shock is wearing off. I highly recommend the book “When you’re expecting twins, triplets or quads” by Dr. Barbara Luke.

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Thanks so much, I’ll order the book. I can’t stop laughing either! Congratulations to you 😍 amazing xx

Congrats! 💕 I’m 36 weeks with twins and it’s been quite a journey. I can’t wait to meet them soon! The best advice I received as I prepared for their arrival was to do a lot of research on which items you actually need two of. For example, don’t need two baby tubs because you won’t bathe both at the same time. Lots of little things like that. Also, you’ll probably have more ultrasounds during your pregnancy than those with a singleton do (at least in the US), so I got many extra glimpses of our kiddos. Feel free to message me if you have any questions during your pregnancy. Congrats again—it’s going to be an awesome adventure!

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Congratulations, you’re nearly there! How amazing 🤩 yes I did read an article about the doubling up. I need to write lots of lists! I cannot wait for the next scan! Thanks so much, good luck ❤️

Welcome to the club! 🤗 Still trying to figure how I’m going to do it when they’re actually here. 🥴😅 I couldn’t breath and kept laughing and tearing up all at the same time when I saw the 2 little beans on the screen. My doctor kept telling me to breath lol.

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I didn’t sleep last night imagining it 😅 especially as my partner works away! I think I’ll need to move my mum in! Glad it’s not just me that laughs! I thought I might be going mad (already) 🤣 congratulations to you lovely, it’s so amazing! X


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Thank you!

Ayuyyeee congratulations 🥳 Lowkey I might be crazy but I really kinda thought I was having twins lol I was kinda disappointed... lol I’m happy for you mama.

Congrats!we found out at an early scan as well. My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one but so excited for two babies to cuddle and love xx

Read the book “12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old” was created for twins. I used the method for my baby (I “only” Have one) and my baby slept through the night in a stretch of 12 hours with 11 weeks old.

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Wow amazing, I will do thanks x

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