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  • 1 day ago

Anyone experienced this?

Hi, I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and have noticed I have this type of rash on my left and ride side of my bump. Does anyone know what this is or what I should do? My first baby so not experienced this before
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  • 1 day ago

I had something similar but a lot worse towards the end of my pregnancy, it’s to do with your skin over stretching - which is normal. I used dermacool cream which is the best thing if it’s itching, it contains menthol which helps to sooth it. Your dr may suggest you get a blood test done to just to make sure it’s not related to your liver function.

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  • 9 days ago

I have it all over my chest too

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  • 4 months ago

That's stretch marks. Mosturize the area a lot !. Cocoa Tummy butter from Palmer's worked beautifully on me.

  • K
  • 4 months ago

That’s how my stretch marks started

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  • 8 months ago

Use the aveeno oatmeal bath packets. My doctor told me to use this in the bath and make a paste and put it on my rash for about 15 min. It actually really helped along with my burst bees belly butter

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