Looking for information on first weaning. My boy is nearly six months, and is currently on the fruit and veg pouches from Ella's kitchen, just wonder when to put him on finger foods, and what kind to give him? This is all so hard to figure out 😓
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I’m in the same boat. My son is six months and I started him on baby porridge and fruit and veg a couple of weeks ago. I started some baby led weaning yesterday and gave him some steamed cauliflower along with puréed potato and parsnip. I tried him with steamed carrot sticks today but he just mushed them in his hand! I bought a book by Annabel Karmel which gives loads of advice plus recipes and meal planners based on your baby’s age which I found really helpful. There’s so much different information out there so it is very confusing!

Hey! My girl is almost 6 months too and started giving her finger foods yesterday! For lunch I gave her steamed slices of pear and a pure of broccoli and carrots! Then around dinner time I mashed up raspberries and spread out on whole meal bread and cut into slices, it’s so messy but she absolutely loved it! I hope that somewhat helps xx

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Ohhh that sounds good!!! Can she eat the bread? Terrified to give him anything he can choke on. Rn he's just on purées and I give him the odd bit of a Liga... Going to get some fruit today and try that I think xxx

Hi Jamie! Ive been weaning my lo since 5 months, theres so much info put there is crazy, but i found in hard to actually make a plan so heres some actual examples of my last couple of days: Morning- spoon fed greek yougurt and mango peel (with 0.5-1cm fruit on it) for baby as finger food. Lunch : half a banana mashed with a fork and some boiled water after Dinner: wholemeal fruit porridge Morning: wholemeal fruit porridge made with yougurt Lunch: purree of baby rice with added carrot Dinner: mashed baked pear with a little cinnamon. Some veggie puffs randomly during the day as finger food. I havent been giving baby too much finger food yet as im scared like you about the risk of choking but from what ive read there no increased risk unless the food given is hard. (Raw carrots sticks bad / boiled carrot sticks good)

I am giving my lo just porridge and fruits and vegetables purée. He is happy with that and haven’t started finger food yet , I guess it’s not right time yeah after 9 mons will definitely feed him . M bit conscious about choking at this stage

Hey, there is an app called solid starts which i find really helpful. It's a food guide on how to introduce a particular food to baby. I also follow solid starts on instagram and they have their food specialists give tips and how to prevent picky eating in the future.

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