How many words does your 19 month old say?

My daughter is 19 months. She only says mum dad and sis. Just wanting see if anyone has a bub the same age and how many words they say.
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One of my twins only say Ta, Mum, Dad, Bub, Please, Nan. My other twin can say any word we ask her to say! She knows her siblings names, our pets names, all the food she eats, shoes, outside, things like that. She is a lot more advanced then her twin but he isn’t as interested in talking then she is

My daughter is also 19months & says quite a lot - mum, dad, nana, dog, stop, dinoasaur, Dorothy, george & beau (our dogs), door, ta, please, poo, bluey, slide, Saturday .. Every kid is different though ☺️

My 19 month old can say Hello, Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Dog, Yuck, Poo, No, Tata and Don’t 🙂

Brydi only really says 3 words but she understands pretty much everything I say. She knows people from their names if I say them. If I say let's get in the car she will go get shoes and wait at the front door. She knows what dinner means and will sit by the high chair until I put her in. She goes into my room if I tell her it's time for bed. So she understands what I'm saying but she doesn't really talk. She will say MUM then start baby talking. She can't say hi or bye but if I say them she will wave.

My 19 month old went from saying not much at all at 17months, to over 50 words in a couple of weeks. Then by 18months he had almost doubled that. I never realised that word spurts were a thing, just like growth spurts. But like everything, each little one does it at their own pace. My little guy was really slow to walk and then once he did, bang, running. But if you are worried, talk to your GP. Nothing worse than unnecessary stressing or falling down the web MD rabbit hole xx

My girl can say pretty much any word and 2 word sentences like love you or help please and understands anything I ask her to do

My girl is 19 months she’s only saying quack quack and bye bye when she waves, nothing else yet

Thankyou everyone. I haven't had a baby in 5 years so I forget all these things. I just need to remember all babies learn at their own time

My 19mnth old girl says heaps. 'Poo stink', mum, dad, bub, thankyou, all done, please, me, meow,

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